Festival Garden (2006)

In the middle of a drought at Easter 2003 at a new site, the festival garden still went ahead, though less green than in previous years. In the background is the Guildhall under construction.

In 2004, during drought, a smaller garden than in 2003 was created. Proposals for making a permanent garden at Crossroads were discussed.

A festival garden was created in Easter 2005, but on the eastern side of the guild hall to get some afternoon shade.

For Festival 2006 a permanent garden was planned to be started on the western side of the guild hall. This is in a similar position to the photos shown below, although the exterior of the guild hall has now been nearly completed. The initial garden itself is simply an enclosed garden surrounded by trellis, having within some slightly raised boxes, to allow planting of herbs and other medieval plants. English box hedges have been planted on the northern and western sides shaded by some Trellis.

At Festival there are usually one or more classes about the use of herbs and plants, and sometimes these are held within the garden itself. Contact the Guild Administrator for more information.