The purpose of this guild shall be to:

  • Encourage the research, and where appropriate the practice, of herbalism and gardening from within the Society for Creative Anachronism time period (pre 1600AD)
  • Encourage members and the general populace to make available information on all aspects of period herbalism and horticulture as it pertains to the Society of Creative Anachronism, and as part of this publish a Newsletter.


Membership is open to any person with an interest in period herbalism and horticulture.

Only a registered member of the Guild may wear its insignia or claim membership. An active (registered) member is defined as a person registered for receiving the herb and garden guild newsletter.

Levels of membership are:

  • Level One: General members.
  • Level Two: Master / Mistress awarded by acclaim and the general consensus of the guild (nominations are to be sent to the Guild Administrator).

Annual Meeting:

A General Meeting of members will be held yearly at Rowany Festival (Easter) . Changes to the Guild’s charter may be made by a majority vote of the Guild members present at a General Meeting or by proxy.¬†Agendas for a General Meeting are to be dispatched to all members no later than one calendar month prior to the event, and voting forms (proxies) are to be included with the agenda, allowing for voting participation by all members regardless of ability to attend a General meeting.

Valid Meetings and Motions:

A quorum for passing a motion at a general meeting is a minimum of three members of the guild, which must include a Guild Officer, and all voting may be in person, or by proxy. An email posted to the official herb and garden email list is considered a dispatch to all members, and is also acceptable for giving notice and distributing agendas of a general meeting as well as for making a Proxy vote. Written notice remains acceptable.


The Officers of the Guild shall include:

  • The Guild Administrator: The administrative head of the Guild. They shall be known as the guild master/mistress or head gardener.
  • The Guild Chronicler: Responsible for the production of the Guild Newsletter.
  • Reeve (may be omitted)

The Guild Administrator and other officers may appoint deputies as necessary. A Guild Administrator may be removed from the position by a simple majority vote of the active Guild members voting at a general meeting.

History and Notes to Charter:

(not part of Charter)

  • The Guild Charter was first accepted by the guild at Rowany Festival 2005.
  • The official herb and garden email list details are at:Link to the Herb and Garden Contacts Page in an Undulate Leaf Shape
  • The Herb & Garden Guild petition to attain full guild status within the Kingdom of Lochac was presented to and accepted by Their Majesties King Alfar of Attica and Queen Gudrun Bodvarsdotti in the Saturday afternoon court at Rowany Festival A.S. XLI (7th April 2007).
  • The petition, signature list, and charter presented now forms part of the Herb & Garden Guild Paraphernalia and Regalia (the regular link is from the Projects page).Link to Guild Garden Paraphernalia and Regalia Page for the Herb and Garden Guild in an Undulate Leaf Shape
  • Any comments on the charter should be sent to the Guild Administrator. The charter may be changed at an annual general meeting as detailed above.